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Season 2: American Christmas, Debated

Happy holidays from Hope & Heresy! In our season 2 finale, Reverend Peggy and Reverend Sarah discuss the complexities of Christmas celebrations in the United States for liberal religious people. Looking at the original Scriptural source material for the Christmas story, forces that shaped this mythology over time, and the way the holiday is interpreted by American families today, this episode offers a fresh take on the big question of crafting a Christmas celebration that is both true to the meaning of the holiday and inclusive of people from many different backgrounds. This episode is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/0Zk3Rb1c9h4. Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org.

Season 2: Hanging with Hope: A Conversation with Rev. Mack Brandon

It's a special day for Hope & Heresy as Reverend Peggy and Reverend Sarah welcome their first guest to the show. Reverend Mack Brandon of Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church in Ridgewood, NJ, joins us to discuss music, anti-racism, self-care, and the ever-changing role of ministers in the struggle for social justice. This episode is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/rZZuToG1gKE. Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org!

Season 2: How Does She Friggin' Do It?

In the early 20th century, Community Church's famed minister John Haynes Holmes went on a ten-day spiritual retreat to determine his vision for the church. Would a woman minister have the option to do the same thing? On this episode of Hope & Heresy: Life on the Religious Left, 21st century ministers Reverend Peggy and Reverend Sarah discuss their lives as working women. How can we continue to move our spiritual and work communities toward structures that are supportive to the challenges of women's lives? This episode is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/OhTSJBhvTac. Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org!

Season 2: Creating a New Narrative: Thanksgiving for the 21st Century

As a very different type of Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the United States, Reverend Sarah and Reverend Peggy discuss cultural narratives and the opportunities they provide for healing and growth. In this episode, Reverend Sarah mentions a group spiritual development experience she is participating in at the moment. If you're interested in learning more about these circles run by Rev. Ian White Maher, please visit The Seeker's Table website at theseekerstable.com. For an introduction to Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth, please see this excerpt: https://billmoyers.com/content/ep-1-joseph-campbell-and-the-power-of-myth-the-hero%E2%80%99s-adventure-audio/. This episode is also available on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/IEzUdwB8UY0! Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org.

Season 2: Uncertain Times

Election Week 2020 was a time of deep uncertainty and division in the United States. In this episode, recorded before a victory was announced for President-Elect Biden, Reverend Sarah and Reverend Peggy discuss the road that led to this moment. In a world where the truth itself is contested, what is the role of liberal religion? And what does liberal religion have to show us about the path forward? This episode is also available on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/sSamlkkT698. Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org!

Season 2: The Dream of America

On the eve of a momentous election in the United States, the founding figures, documents, and ideals of America are under scrutiny. In this episode, recorded October 30, 2020, Reverend Sarah and Reverend Peggy offer a liberal religious perspective on civic engagement and what lies ahead for our country. What is the dream of America and how can we work together to see its fulfillment? This episode is also available on your favorite podcast platforms. Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org!

Season 2 Special Episode: What is Religion?

As news headlines swirl about religion and its role in public life, Reverend Sarah and Reverend Peggy take a step back to examine the bigger picture. What is religion? How are religion and spirituality connected? And what is the role of community-building in religious practice? Enjoy this timeless conversation about the sociology of religion, presented from a perspective that centers equality and liberation for all. Hope & Heresy is also available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/1cjSDkXZOF0! Write back to us at podcast@ccny.org.

Season 2, Episode 1: Church and State

In our season opener, Reverend Peggy and Reverend Sarah discuss the role of religion in politics. History provides a framework for understanding what "separation of church and state" means, but how can liberal religious people navigate this complicated world while keeping spiritual values front and center?

On PAUSE Episode 1: White Women & Race

In response to the murder by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin of George Floyd and the viral video of Amy Cooper threatening a black birder in Central Park, Peggy and Sarah discuss white women's role in upholding white supremacy in the United States. Dismantling oppressive structures starts with recognizing our place within them. This episode is appropriate for all, but specifically addressed toward white women. Please see the show notes at bit.ly/WhiteWomenRace for a bibliography of further resources on this topic!

On PAUSE Episode Zero: Foundations

In today's episode, Sarah and Peggy return to the "recording studio" to discuss the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on New York City and the world. Since our last in-person recording session, our lives have altered dramatically and many of us have lost loved ones. In order to protect ourselves and each other from the threat of the coronavirus, we have adapted to once-unthinkable changes in our ways of being. The realities of lost income and massive unemployment have forced a re-examination of the very structure of our economy. What does this moment of COVID-19 PAUSE have to teach us about our relationship to ourselves, each other, and the planet? *This episode was recorded over Zoom in compliance with physical distancing regulations and out of respect for the health of the participants. Thanks for your understanding of the effect this has on audio quality. *This episode is also available to watch on Youtube! https://youtu.be/XRjEUMWlXyk

Episode 5.5: Pandemic

Halfway through recording our first season, the developing story of the COVID-19 pandemic became all anyone could talk about. This mini-episode features Peggy and Sarah's of-the-moment response as ministers to the rising anxiety about coronavirus. What can this pandemic teach us about the way we relate to each other? Recorded March 10, 2020 in New York City.

Episode 5: Talking Dirty

On today's episode, Sarah and Peggy discuss the history and culture of sex and spirituality from a liberal-religious viewpoint. Liberal religion can offer a space for healing from the trauma and shame so often caused by oppressive religious teachings around sex and allow us to find joy in a range of safe sexual choices, including the choice to be celibate.

Episode 4: Grief the Counter-Cultural Way

Grief takes many forms and is experienced differently by each individual. Often, grief is more ambiguous than our current ways of being can allow for. On today's episode, Sarah and Peggy examine the spiritual nature of grief and discuss alternative ways of creating space to experience it.

Episode 3: The Spirituality of Technology

Technology is a powerful tool, but how often do we pause to thoughtfully consider how it can be used for good or ill? On today's episode, Peggy and Sarah explore the moral implications and the potentialities of our current technological age.

Episode 2: House on Fire

Climate change is a spiritual problem. Today, Sarah and Peggy discuss an understanding of climate change based on history and theology. How can we move from grief and fear about humanity's impact on the earth into meaningful action?

Episode 1: Hope & Heresy

On the inaugural episode of Hope & Heresy: Life on the Religious Left, our hosts Peggy and Sarah introduce the season by discussing a liberal-religious approach to contemporary life.

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