Season 1: Talking Dirty

On today's episode, Sarah and Peggy discuss the history and culture of sex and spirituality from a liberal-religious viewpoint. Liberal religion can offer a space for healing from the trauma and shame so often caused by oppressive religious teachings around sex and allow us to find joy in a range of safe sexual choices, including the choice to be celibate.

It's okay to talk about sex with your minister or in a religious setting, but many people find that difficult. From the time of Augustine, sex has been bound up with religion, power, money, and patriarchy. Join us for a warm and friendly conversation to untangle some of that history and how it continues to affect many people today.

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Hosted by Reverend Peggy Clarke (Community Church of New York) and Reverend Sarah Lenzi (The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ)
Produced by Amy Wilson
Original music by Graham Clarke
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Recorded at Community Church of New York, Murray Hill, Manhattan
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