Season 1: Grief the Counter-Cultural Way

Grief takes many forms and is experienced differently by each individual. Often, grief is more ambiguous than our current ways of being can allow for. On today's episode, Sarah and Peggy examine the spiritual nature of grief and discuss alternative ways of creating space to experience it.

Not all grief is encompassed by our conventional understanding. Labor laws often prescribe a certain amount of time for a certain type of grief, while social norms encourage us to understand grief as directly related to death. The conversation in today's episode touches upon many types of grief: the loss of a meaningful job, the transition of a child into adulthood, the decision to give a baby up for adoption. After listening to this episode, you might consider reaching out to a friend or loved one who has experienced a loss. 

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Hosted by Reverend Peggy Clarke (Community Church of New York) and Reverend Sarah Lenzi (The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ)
Produced by Amy Wilson
Original music by Graham Clarke
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Recorded at Community Church of New York, Murray Hill, Manhattan
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